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Our practice adheres to the ethical guidelines set out by the Australian Psychological Society. We value the respectful treatment of all clients and staff regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual identity and orientation. We welcome feedback on our service and endeavor to continually improve all aspects of our service delivery. Feedback can be provided at

Our Practice

Our practitioners are all highly qualified psychologists with several years of post-qualification experience. They combine extensive professional experience with personal qualities of warmth and understanding to provide a positive and effective therapeutic experience for clients. All of our psychologists commit to ongoing training to keep up with the latest developments in psychology and regularly engage in peer consultation to continually improve our practice. In addition to treating a range of issues such as stress, coping with major life transitions, anxiety and depression, our team has special interests in a wide range of areas.

Choosing the right psychologist for you

The match between psychologist and client is a key factor in the success of therapy. When you first make contact with our practice we will ask you some questions about the general area you would like to work on, the outcome you would like to achieve and what you might be looking for in a therapist. We then suggest the most appropriate therapists for you. Please also note that all our therapists work set days a week and evening times are in highest demand.